Who are we? 

The Angels Promise London is a UK brand that specialises in custom urban wear. We focus on creating a unique take on contemporary British Fashion combined with a UK streetwear style.

What does ‘The Angels Promise’ mean?

A promise from your higher self to your current self that you can #Liveyourdreams

Our Motto

Being beautiful isn't everything, but being everything is beautiful

Our massage

Simply put, Love yourself! Trust your process! Be your best you. We live in a society where there this expectation of who you should be and when you should be it, rather than the acceptance of who you are. This expectation that you’re meant to have all the answers, you’re meant to conduct yourself in a certain way, you’re meant to fit the mould. Life isn’t like this, in life you’re constantly growing and learning, that isn’t always a quick and smooth process. We learn through our experiences, trials and tribulations. This is what shapes us, these are the things that bonds us together, we all share in the same goal, that goal is to become our best self. We are creators, we are visionaries, we are innovators. We are everything more than what you seen. We all walk the path and that’s the road to growth. This is a brand that celebrates that process. Growth is usually difficult, but you tend to have a beautiful outcome, we figured we’d help you look good whilst you’re doing it.

Thanks for reading!